Eviction Moratoriums

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There's heightened concerns with the recent court ruling striking down the national eviction moratoriums. Read on to know how this may impact you and your housing situation.

There's fear that tenants won't receive tens of billions of dollars promised in federal aid which will result in potentially losing their place to live. After a federal judge found the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention exceeded it's authority imposing the moratorium last year the ban was lifted. However, for now a judge stayed the court order following an appeal. There is still concern in my opinion around what's going to happen after the June 30th deadline. Housing advocates believe the moratorium saved lives. I guess my question is if you're behind on your rent significantly once the moratoriums are lifted how will an individual recover from that? There needs to be time to allow people back into the work force. Apparently very few tenants have received any of the money which means there's potentially a high amount of unpaid rent to landlords. What's the solution here? If people lose their place to live how will they have the stability to go to work. A good nights sleep, a shower, and having a refrigerator for food are essentials to going to work everyday and working is a part of our economy. How do landlords and tenants navigate through all this?? If you're struggling contact the Tenant Resource Center in Mpls, if you're in St. Paul call and ask for the St. Paul contact number.

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